When we started our junior youth group, we served our community in several ways, so we cleaned the beach, visited the orphanage, distributed food to the poor ...etc. But we did all these services only once or twice, they weren't sustainable service projects. One of the services that we started to do was collecting unused newspapers/magazines from our neighbors and taking them to the few recycling bins we found here in kuwait. This began gradually until it became something we did every month, and it developed to reach three governmental schools in Kuwait. A group of 10 young girls ( 14-17 years old) managed to start organized recycling programs in several schools. Of course, it took us several months of planning, making posters, preparing power points and talking to a lot of people about the environment. Something we learned from experience was that if we want our service projects to really have an affect on the community it should be systematic, sustainable, and it should expand and involve laerger numbers of people. We also faced a lot of problems but we had regular meetings to discuss those problems, share experiences, then reflect and consult. This method of approach has really helped us stay enthusiastic and encouraged all the way. In conclusion, I would like to say that if youth use all the energy and creativity within them in service to humanity, they would be able to MOVE THE WORLD.

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