The changes that I saw in my friends

I mentioned before that I attend a junior youth group. I would like to talk about the changes that I saw in myself and in my friends after attending the group. First I'd like to start by telling you how we were before joining the group. Before, we would talk about topics that didn't really matter or have any imapct on the world. Now, most of our conversations are about world unity, what we can do to help people, wars and its effects, peace, service, education...etc. Before, we'd throw garbage on the ground and we wouldn't really care about the environment. Now, we go places to clean up the trash such as our and the beach. The most important change in my opinion is that we don't lie, curse or gossip as we used to. We know the affects it has on our souls, that it extiguishes the life of the soul . Now, we know the importance of morals and manners. When one of us does something wrong, we always remind each other of the things that we learned in the group, and try to correct our mistakes. We have also become more aware of our spiritual side. We read more prayers and do more services for the community that we live in. Most of us have really developed our talents in drawing, playing sports, playing guitar and singing. We have learned a lot of things and in the same time we have a lot of fun. I can't think of a better place I would like to spend my time at. This program has really changed our lives.

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