The Junior Youth Program

There are a lot of problems facing the world nowadays like poverty, racism, broken families and many other problems that are well known .

What is the solution? When will peace come? These are questions I always think about. But I realized that thinking about it doesn't solve it. That's why I decided to make a difference in the world by starting a junior youth group so that we could discuss the problems in the world and think of ways to solve them. And one of those ways is by serving the community that we are living in. In my opinion, the most important solution is a spiritual one. And when I say spiritual I mean the development of virtues. Just Imagine the world if everybody was honest, brave, responsible, loving, forgiving, faithful, generous ....etc. I would love to live in that world but unfortunately there is no such world. Maybe not yet but there will be. A lot of people might disagree. They might say it's impossible for that to happen. Maybe one way to contribute in building this new world is by focusing on young people.

I mentioned before that I attend a junior youth group. I am sure you are wondering what that is? This program is called the Junior Youth Spritual Empowerment Program. It's is an educational, ethical, social program specialized for the junior youth. It was established by international educational institutions. When I say junior youth that means ages between 12-15. Youth in these ages go through a lot of changes mentally, physically and psychologically. They're no longer kids but not yet adults. They're are in a critical age where they have special needs. Let's not forget that there is a huge amount of pressure on them from their friends, the school, and the media. So they usually choose the wrong path but this program helps them to build a moral foundation so they can distinguish between right and wrong.

Every Junior youth is gifted and talented in some way. One of the purposes of this program is discovering these gifts and using them to serve the community they are living in. This program also develops the power of expression in youth. It help them think about the consequences of their actions. We achieve all of this by reading books that were specially written for this purpose. Every four weeks we go and do a service project including: cleaning the parks, beaches visiting sick people in the hospital, helping poor people and so on. We also do different activities in the group such as doing different kinds of art and craft, going on trips, playing sports, cooking.....etc. This helps them find any hidden talents they might have to work on developing them.


Aphrodite said...

Reading your topic, I think that you have early grown up enouph to take the charge of changing the world towards better.. You are right there's no such "IDEAL Republic" as Plato mentioned oneday BUT if each one takes even little responsibilty to change the world to be a better one, everything, then, will be great..
Still the question is, WHEN ??? When will the world be a happy and ideal one??? There's a qutation that is to change a world, start from yourself...Maybe we cannot follow this change BUT at least we tried and NEVER give up..The world, we are looking for, is there BUT to live in such blessing world we may need time..
The world will be born at the right time.Until then, everyone will understand the meaning of the effort, you guys, are doing now..
Don't STOP...It's JUST the first step ...

May be you'll say that I'm extra Optimistic BUT I've learned once NEVER to lose HOPE...

Mona Rezvani =] said...

you exeed in every thing you do ..
i wish you alot of luck and good fortune in the future
I know if things were in your hands you'd change the world, you'd do it in a heart beat =]
exceptional ... YOU ROCK =]

Anonymous said...

dear eman,

I read your site and I liked it very much. I agree with everything you have written. I also hope to make a change to help my friends and I could send your blog to my friends at school.